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Incurably Semantic

Semantic markup and search engine optimisation: there’s much nonsense talked about search engine optimisation (SEO), largely relating to the out of date over-use of META tags.

Before spending vast amounts of money on over-priced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consultants, ask your web developer to ensure that your website conforms to W3C and WAI standards; then, sit back and watch your ratings soar.

There’s an excellent article written by Roger Johannson, entitled ‘Basics of Search Engine Optimisation’, which explains this in some detail. I’d recommend that anyone interested in improving their SEO, and hence their site’s rating, should read this article before doing anything else. However, the main gist of the article is to emphasise how much SEO has in common with accessibility, usability, and high quality markup – the very principles of web standards. It transpires that search engine robots love valid, semantic markup – so yet another reason to use accessible and well marked up content.

With all my websites I take considerable trouble to mark up the pages in semantically correct fashion, conforming to Web Standards as defined by the W3C and accessibility as defined by the WAI.