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Heather Simmons

Heather ‘Doll-face’ Simmons, jazz chanteuse and impressario; take a look at Heather’s website for information relating to gigs and recordings and listen to tracks from her recently recorded CD ‘I’m Old Fashioned’, which is receiving rave reviews and national radio airplay.

Also, read what the real movers and shakers in the business are saying about Heather, including a reference from the late great Humphrey Littleton.

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Heather’s music draws from the 30’s / 40’s Jazz era, so the remit was to recreate that look and feel.

The page has a simple and uncomplicated appearance, accomplished through the use of three background images forming the header, content and footer areas of the page. The page itself has a subtle drop shadow effect to define the page boundaries.

Although the home page is largely static in nature, it does use WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS), pulling in content from two WordPress categories into two divs at the bottom of the page entitled ‘Heather’s News’ and ‘Forthcoming Gigs’. These WordPress categories are fully managed by Heather herself.

To display posts with a future date, the Gigs page utilises a new WordPress function available only in versions 2 and above (I think) called ‘post_status=future’. Consequently, Heather is able to create gigs as though they are posts, giving the post the date of the gig. Using a PHP query, the page displays any gigs with a future date under the ‘Forthcoming Gigs’ heading and as the gig date passes, the post dynamically disappears from the ‘Forthcoming Gig’ heading, reappearing under the ‘Previous Gigs’ heading. And, this is all fully managed by Heather herself.


Since this calendar / gig list is something I have seen addressed in numerous unresolved WordPress Forums postings, I will be writing this up in more technical detail in the near future.

The site is of course fully ‘Web Standards’ compliant, usable, accessible and cross-browser compatible – tested in Firefox, Opera, Safari and against all odds even Internet Explorer!!

Visit: Heather’s Website ยป