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Digby Fairweather

Digby became a fulltime jazzman in l977 after twelve years as a qualified librarian in Southend-on-Sea. From l973 he worked his way up as a part-timer through established bands including Hugh Rainey, Eggy Ley, Eric Silk, Keith Nichols, Ron Russell and Lennie Hastings and deputized regularly for Alex Welsh, recording his first album with Welsh’s band in l974.

Image of Julian Marc, Craig, Digby and Paul having a tee-hee!

From l977, after giving up his day-job, he worked amongst others with Dave Shepherd, the Midnite Follies Orchestra, the co-operative quartet ‘Velvet’ (formerly Stephane Grappelli’s Trio) and the Pizza Express All Stars. Later, from l983 he concentrated on a variety of solo projects (including collaborations with veterans Nat Gonella, Britain’s first star trumpeter, and double-bassist Tiny Winters) and led his own band the ‘Jazz Superkings’ … read on …

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Blog Design

Is it a website or is it a blog? Now that’s a good question.

The site is certainly WordPress based and utilises a blog, however, as with normal websites there are also static pages – including the ‘Gigs’ page, which is updateable by Digby himself through the WordPress admin function.

As with my other blogs, this site utilises LAMP technologies (Linux, Apache, PHP and PHP), is wholely customised, Web Standards compliant, usable, accessible and cross-browser compatible – tested in Firefox, Safari and against all odds even Internet Explorer!!

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